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About us

Welcome to Anemone Blue, your local professional qualified Florist where we create beautiful designs that are personal and specific to you.

The name behind Anemone Blue is Fiona Chapman; I have been a Florist for over 30 years which allows me to have built up an incredible amount of knowledge, experience and passion for our industry. I have been an apprentice, manger proprietor and finally a Floristry lecturer. I still get just as excited about meeting clients and making their wishes come true, especially weddings, as I did 30 years ago. Floristry is such a personal and wonderful experience to be involved in, one I truly feel privileged to be a part of.

Now having lectured in the Floristry Industry for over eight years, I find myself missing dealing directly and personally with the public, combined with the desire to be more hands on with the flowers brings me to my present business venture; the setting up of Anemone Blue Florist and Flower School, where I can combine the best of both aspects, Teaching and Floristry.

Fiona Chapman

My style

Garden of England

Whilst I have seen and mastered many different styles over the years, from Minimalist to full bloom Dutch Renascence; personally my favourite style is O'Naturel. I am a country girl at heart and find that nature and the landscape around us here in the Garden of England offers us so much inspiration and plentifulness, that it would be sacrilege not to use what is abundantly available.

Like a good chef I would choose to work with what is naturally in season that way your flowers will be of peak condition, I also love mixing seasonal fruits and even salad and herbs into my designs especially weddings. All my students will tell you of my love for moss and Mulenbackia, and all things cottagey and natural. Of late I think this style is often referred to as Shabby Chic.

Please feel free to take a look at my gallery, and remember this link if you should ever require some floristry work whether it be for a birthday, funeral or wedding.

My Style